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About S-Pay

S-Pay is an online facility for distributing superannuation payments to superannuation funds across Australia.

Paying superannuation online is as easy as paying a utility bill any time of the day or night, regardless of the number of superannuation accounts you need to pay to. Businesses utilising S-Pay can reduce the time taken to manage superannuation payments.

SuperChoice can also link through to virtually any payroll system to further benefit payroll efficiency in larger businesses. Users are reassured that their compliance obligations are better satisfied and their employees monies are promptly allocated.

So it's no surprise that 60,000 businesses are already using S-Pay functionality to facilitate superannuation payments electronically. You will appreciate the minimal effort required to make payments without having to log-on to a multitude of different superannuation fund systems to deposit into nominated superannuation accounts.

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How Does it Work

S-Pay is powered by SuperChoice technology, to electronically handle default and choice superannuation contributions that are transferred with member information to any complying superannuation fund in Australia. The technology functions as a clearinghouse that validates and dispatches superannuation payments by checking multiple reference fields including SPIN, account and employer number to ensure it is received into the right superannuation account. This eliminates the need to process, validate, write and post cheques manually.

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S-Pay Inclusions

S-Pay is for businesses who require services and support to manage the administrative burden associated with superannuation choice-of-fund.

For organisations looking for a self-service solution
Payments to any super fund
Banking level security
Online Support
Direct Debit payments
eform contributions entry

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S-Pay Fees

Transactions Cost
Per employee per process $1.00
Online RegistrationNil

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Getting Started

All you have to do is submit your details and request a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) at Get S-Pay. The PDS will detail the terms and conditions of using the S-Pay service. Once the completed PDS application is sent back, S-Pay will have the information required to set up your business online. You will be issued with a log-on and password to access the service and a guide to help you add employee details.

Businesses seeking additional service options and assistance, including help to upload employee information, can choose to upgrade the service to SuperChoice.

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S-Pay Benefits

  • Single electronic payment for all contributions
  • No more cheques, postage and paperwork
  • Handles payments and registrations to any fund
  • Free registration
  • Lower cost than paper-handling
  • Reduces delays and returns
  • Provides seamless integration with the receiving fund systems
  • Eliminates fund remittance preparation
  • Checks funds rules BEFORE you pay
  • See reference numbers, times and dates of choice presentment
  • Helps prevent inaccessible employee choices
  • Reduces strain on staff and resources

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About SuperChoice

S-Pay is powered by SuperChoice which is Australia's leading online Superannuation e-commerce payment service. The S-Pay facility collects superannuation contributions from employers for nearly two million Australians and distributes them to any complying superannuation fund across Australia.

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